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Wooden case by Wolfgang Abratis, Germany
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   19 April 2004 (updated 1 July 2004)
Another fine example of a wooden case is submitted by Wolfgang Abratis from Germany. He used oak wood and has done his best to make the case look as 'genuine' as possible. When closed, it measures 22 x 20 x 11 cm and the pictures below give a good impression of its details.

Wolfgang has used a different lamp film to the one that was supplied with the kit and has attached this underneath an aluminium mask, complete with wrinkle paint finish and brass springs to hold the sun filter. He also 'cannibalised' an old 1940 typwriter to find some proper key tops. A nice detail: in the images below, the Enigma-E is set and steckered for the message deciphered in the movie 'Enigma'.

Another nice detail in this image is the German Spruch form, to the right of the machine, that was printed using this software. Just behind the Spruch (the little red book) is a reprint of the 1942 issue of the naval Enigma manual Der Schlüssel M- Verfahren M Allgemein.

The case
As it's virtually impossible to find a suitable lock for the Enigma-E case that resembles the original, Wolfgang has created his own from a brass plate into which he drove a hemisphere and a slot for the latch. Inside the lid, Wolfgang replaced the original Zur Beachtung placard by a Merkblatt as found inside some Enigma M4 cases. He has, of course, adapted the original text to match the Enigma-E. Click here to see the original Merkblatt-M.

Some details
The image at the top of this page shows the green sun filter inside the lid of the case. The images above, show the lamp panel without and with the sun filter attached. These images also give a good impression of the typewriter key tops used for the keys (Tasten). The rightmost image shows the Steckerbrett with open flap (Klappe). Please note the counterpart for the lock and the two eyes for the hooks to keep the Klappe closed.

    Lampenfilm in GIF format (19KB ZIP file)
    Wolgang was recreated the Lampenfilm to resemble the film of an original Enigma machine more closely. If you want to create a similar lamp panel, you might want to download this file and print it.
    Lampenfilm (91KB PDF file)
    The same film as above, but this time in PDF, the original format the film was created in. As it is a PDF, it can be printed directly without loss of resolution or scaling.
    Merkblatt-M (78KB PDF file)
    As you can see in the images, Wolfgang has placed a so-called Merkblatt on the inside of the top cover, rather than the Zur Beachtung placard found on some Enigma machines. The Merkblatt was more common on M4 machines.
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