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Enigma Form Generator (EFG)
One of the members of the Enigma-E support group launched the idea of creating your own Enigma codebooks. He started working on it and a few weeks later EFG was born: the Enigma Form Generator. It enables you to generate your own unique codebooks from a regular PC, so that it can be shared between friends. The program can be used not only to print codebooks, but also some original German and English message forms. At present the software is available only to users of Windows.   

    EFG for Windows (790KB ZIP file)
    By Dolf Spoor (PA3EGT), version 1.2, updated 5 July 2004
    This archive contains the Windows version of EFG, including the necessary fonts. It allows you to print full codebooks, Message forms and Spruch forms. It is suitable for Enigma M4 messages as well. No support possible. 1
  1. Unfortunately we can't provide any further support for this program as the author died unexpectidly in March 2010 and no source codes are available to us.

Plain message forms in PDF format
    Spruch form (35KB PDF file)
    This is a standard German message form, used for writing down encoded messages. The form was used for wired messages (Fern), radio messages (Funk) and messages sent by light (Blink). The message examples in the final chapter of the Enigma-E manual are written on this type of form. Please note that operators were trained to all have the same - lower case - handwriting.
    Schlüsselzettel form (35KB PDF file)
    This is yet another standard form used by the German U-boat Enigma operators, to take down messages in the usual 5-letter groups. This form was recreated from an original Schlüsselzettel that was recovered by divers in 2001 from the wreckage of the U-85, just outside the coast of North Carolina in the US.
Off-site information
  • Message form printer
    If you just want to print the empty message forms as used by the Germans, you might like this Message Form Printer by Geoff Sullivan.

  • Recovered forms from the wreckage of U-85
    In 2001, divers recovered the remains of two Enigma M4 machines, plus a series of blank forms, from the wreckage of the German U-boat U-85, just off the coast of North Carolina in the USA.
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