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Crypto Museum Lectures
Crypto Museum curators Paul Reuvers and Marc Simons give regular talks on Enigma, cipher machines, spy radio sets and a number of other related subjects. If you are interested in attending one of these presentations, please check the events diary. If you represent an organisation, and want us to do a talk at a location near you, please contact us.

Our talks are all very dynamic, using Apple's Keynote and a large screen projector to display the many slides, images and drawings. In most cases we will bring some historical items with us and have a hands-on session at the end of the presentation.

  1. Enigma - 1 hour [Dutch/English]
    This lecture is a mixture of technical backgrounds and history, and is suitable for people of various backgrounds and age. It is a cut-down version of the one below and reveals many details about the famous Enigma machines and the Allied attempts to break it.

  2. Enigma - 2 hours [Dutch/English/German]
    This is one of the most comprehensive presentations ever given about the famous Enigma machine and its history. From its invention in the early 1920's to the important role it played during WWII. Full technical and historical details, and numerous photographs and drawings. Including a demonstration of a real war-time Enigma machine.

  3. Fialka - 1 to 2 hours [English]
    Detailed presentation about the Fialka M-125 cipher machine, the Russian counterpart of the German Enigma machine. It was used by the countries of the Warsaw Pact during the Cold War and is still in use today in some countries. Full technical details of this advanced cipher machine that is clearly based on the design of the Enigma. Plus a demonstration.

  4. The missing link -1 hour [English]
    Detailed historical and technical backgrounds of a recently discovered Enigma machine, the so-called Zählwerk Enigma, that fills a gap in the Enigma family tree. The Zählwerk Enigma appears to be the ancestor of the Enigma G (also known as the Abwehr Enigma).

  5. Operation Gladio    - 1 hour [Dutch/German]
    Detailed history of the secret Dutch Stay-Behind Organisation O&I during the Cold War. Including technical backgrounds about the spy radio sets used by the organisation over the years, the influence of NATO and the demise of Stay-Behind in Europe in 1992.

  6. Enigma Family    - 30 to 45 minutes [English]
    Many people think of the Enigma as a single machine. In reality however, there is no such thing as the Enigma machine. Rather it was a family of machines, of which the German Army version became the most well known one. In this lecture we will take you on a tour through the entire Enigma Family Tree and show how the various models are related.
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