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Ham Radio 2016
24-26 June 2016

This year was the 10th time that Crypto Museum was present with a stand at the HAM Radio fair in Friedrichshafen (Germany). As usual, we shared tables in HALL A3 with the Enigma Museum, the Telex Museum, John Alexander, Klaus Kopacs and others at the same location as last year.

The setup day and the first opening day (Friday) were extremely hot with temperatures well over 30°C. Saturday was better with a modest 25°C. Although there have been complaints that the flea market gets smaller every year, it was about the same size as last year, and the tables were well filled with interesting stuff, old and new.

As usual, we were present to promote the Crypto Museum. In the past 10 years, our tables have increasingly become a collectors meeting point, so there were times that there were more people standing behind the tables than in front of them.
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We were able to talk with regular visitors of the Crypto Museum website, with crypto and radio collectors, swap a few items, meet old friends and make some some new ones as well. And we were even visited by the occasional celebrity. If you look carefully at the image above, you may be able to recognise Hans Bühler, the former Hagelin employee who was once arrested in Iran.

Friday is traditionally the busiest day on which the most interesting items are found and the best deals are made. It is also the day of the presentations and lectures. In our case this meant giving a talk on the 4th Enigma Formum that was held in the Austria Room in HALL A2.

After Tom Perera had done his usual kick-off with general information about the well-known Enigma machine, he presented the latest Enigma discoveries, some of which were really exciting. He also explained the inner operation of an Enigma machine in several different ways.
Paul Reuvers revealing images of the little-known Types Mark VIII. Photograph by David Cripps.

The next presentation was by Crypto Museum founders Marc Simons and Paul Reuvers. Following our talks about the Enigma family of machines and the Russian Fialka in previous years, this time we presented details of the British Typex machine and its many flavours. As it turns out, Typex is basically an (improved) copy of the famous German Enigma machine. The photograph above was taken by collector David Cripps, and shows Paul revealing an image of the little-known Typex Mark VIII. The afternoon was closed with a hands-on session of Klaus Kopacs' Enigma Replica.

We had a great weekend in Friedrichshafen and are happy to have seen so many familiar faces. We also found some interesting items on the flea marked, which we will share with you in the nearby future. We are already looking forward to next year. Thanks to all.

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