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8-12 February 2010

Between 8 and 12 February 2010, the Eindhoven University of Technology, TU/e, organised a special week on Digital Security, called SuperTU/esday. Several lectures and workshops on the subject of security and communication networks, were available throughout the week. Due to the enormous interest from the public, these were all pre-booked well in advance of the event.

Apart from lectures and workshops, there was a unique exhibition of historical cipher machines, brought together for this event by Scryption, the AIVD and the Crypto Museum.

Part of the exhibition was dedicated to the famous German Enigma machine, showing machines, accessories and even a code book. Other parts of the exhibition showed a wide variety of Hagelin machines, Transvertex, Discret, Cipher Wheels and the Russian Fialka, which is still in use in some parts of the world.
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As the event was held in the city of Eindhoven, we were also showing some historical cipher machines developed by Philips Usfa, such as the Ecolex-4, the James Bond-style Miniflex and the recently declassified Spendex-40 crypto phone.

After initial announcements in the local newspaper, the event attracted national attention and was covered by a series of regional and national TV-programmes. In total, approx. 850 people visited the exhibition during this week. Special hands-on sessions were available for schools, allowing children to type away on old-fashioned typewriters or try their luck on the Alberti Cipher Disc.

The official opening
Crypto Professor Henk van Tilborg being interviewed for television
Henk van Tilborg talking about the German Enigma machine
School children at work
Typing on an old-fashioned typewriter can be fun
Many different typewriters were available
One of the children decoding a message with an Alberti Cipher Disc
Children using the Alberti Cipher Disc
Trying the Turning Grille
All photographs courtesy Scryption

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