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Semi-portable TSCM receiver - this page is a stub

The A-1 was a semi-portable surveillance receiver developed by F.G. Mason Engineering Inc. in Fairfield (Connecticut, USA) in 1962. It was intended for finding covert listening devices (bugs) and was sold exclusively to the US Army. It is currently unknown how many A-1 units were built.

At present, we have no further information about the A-1, not even a picture, and so far, nobody has ever reported having seen one [1]. If you have any information about this mysterious device, please contact us.   

In 1964, the A-1 was succeeded by the A-2, that was also available to non-military users. The semi-portable A-2 was supplied in an unobtrusive leather case and came with a range of plug-in tuners. It was hand-built at a rate of just one unit per week and was available until 1990 [1].

Wanted item
At present, we have no image or any further background information of this receiver. If you know more about the A-1, please contact us. Your help is much appreciated. Furthermore, if you have a surplus A-1 unit available, we'd like to hear from you.

  1. Kevin D. Murray, Mason Enigineering Model A-2CS, etc.
    Forum discussion on 16 Jan 2005.
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