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Frequency Changer No. 6
Telephone scrambler · 1940 - this page is a stub

Introduced in June 1940, for use on CB/Auto installations. The unit was housed in a wooden case and operated on 200-250V AC or DC mains power. It is built around CV1732 valves (tubes), which are 5-pin triodes designed for signal processing (equivalent to ML4 and VT90/VT129).

No. 6 was short-lived and was succeeded within months by the 6A, 6B, 6AA and 6AC versions, as it had several design issues. The power for the telephone set was derived from the exchange line current, which made it a CB-only device, unsuitable for Local Battery (LB) installations.

Furthermore, as it could be powered from a DC mains source, large parts of the chassis carried a live voltage, making it potentially dangerous for service engineers and maintenance personnel.

At present, no image of this version is available.


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