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United Kingdom

Over the years, the United Kingdom (UK) produced a wide range of different cipher machines, ranging from mechanical and electro-mechanical manchines, to fully electronic devices. Quite often these machines were (partly) developed by the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), sometimes in cooperation with the US National Security Agency (NSA). Some of these machines are listed below.   

British cipher machines on this website
British WWII scrambler phone (also known as Frequency Changer and as Secraphone) Matrix-based manual cipher system for tactical messages British wheel-based cipher machine used extensively during WWII British/Canadion one-time tape cipher machine used during and after WWII British one-time tape cipher machine used during WWII for Ultra Intelligence British electromechanical cipher machine (hybrid between Hagelin M-209 and Enigma G) BID/60 British electromechanical wheel-based cipher machine, similar to the US KL-7 British one-time tape cipher machine compatible with Rockex
BID/610 full-duplex on-line cipher machine for teleprinter signals BID/250 (Lamberton) SAVILLE-based voice encryption unit for Clansman DMU BID/980 Bulk Encryptor with HAIRPIN logic Replacement for the BID/250 and other (obsolete) cryptographic units KG-40A Replenishment Embedded Cryptographic Module Racal encryption units Mullard Equipment Ltd.
Currently unknown machines
WIM (BID/560/1) one-time tape cipher machine
Historical British cipher machines
Speech privacy
Modern British cryptographic devices
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