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SE-160 Operation
User instructions - under construction

This page provides some guidance on how to use the SE-160-C handheld portable radio with crypto capability. Note that the actual user interface may be different from the one described here, as all features of the device are fully programmable with the IPP-160 software.

Below is a description of the features of an SE-160 that was formerly used by the BSB of the Dutch Military Police until the mid-2000s.

IO   ON/OFF/Shift
Press briefly for shift function. Press for 2 seconds to turn device off.
A   Distress
Red button. Press for distress (turns off crypto)
B   1750 Hz
Press to send analogue 1750 Hz tone.
I   Volume up
With confirmation tone.
II   Volume down
With confirmation tone.
Shift-A   Setup
Press Shift (IO) briefly, then press (A) and hold it for three seconds. The display will now shows the SETUP menu.
Shift-B   Squelch
Press Shift (IO) briefly, then press (B) briefly to open the squelch. Repeat to close the squelch again.
Depending on the programming of your radio, the following functions may apprear on the display. Press the corresponding function key (F1-F4) to select the function.

After pressing this button, a channel can be selected by means of the UP (F3) and DOWN (F2) buttons. Alternatively, when in normal mode, the channel number can be entered directly on the keyboard, followed by the
button (F1) to confirm.
Press to select the preferred channel. Press again to return to the previously selected channel.
  Lock keyboard
Keep depressed for 3 seconds to lock the keyboard. When locked, the display shows the × symbol. Press again for 3 seconds to turn keyboard locking off.
  Preferred channel
Show the name and number of the preferred channel.
Shows program version name and date.
SETUP menu
After entering SETUP mode, the display offers access to four submenus, named SETUP 1 - SETUP 4. Press the corresponding function key to enter the desired submenu. Note that the SETUP-menus may be locked with additional passwords.

Contrast   Display contrast
Key Click   Control key-click
Light   Display backlight
Chan Disp   Layout
Alter the layout of the channel display in normal mode.
SW Version   Show current swoftware version name
The display shows the current software name, e.g. CRY-TST45. The function keys give access to the functions
  Back to previous menu
Test HC   Test crypto chip
This function allows the HC-3400 crypto unit to perform a self-test. Less than 2 seconds after selecting the function, the display should reply with HC OK.
HC SW Vers   Crypto software version
This functions shows the current software version of the HC-3400 crypto unit. After selecting the function, the display should show something like: SWV: 0419.
HW Option   ?
RF Field   Show signal strength
This function shows the field strength of the received signal in the form of a horizontal bar, and a value in dBm (e.g. -105 dBm).
Battery   Battery voltage
This function shows the current battery voltage with a precision of 0.1V. When the battery is full, it should show approx. 7.60V.
Radio Name   Startup message
This is the name of the radio, as shown in the startup screen.
Scanner   Built-in scanner
BErr   Bit-error test
Cloning   Cloning two SE-160 radios
Dep-Vars   ?
Password   Alter passwords
This menu is reserved for service technicians and generally requires a secret 9-digit password. This password can not be changed in SETUP 3, but only by means of the IPP-160 software.

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