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Arsenal factory

Kiev (Russian: Киев) was the brandname of a series of photo (film) cameras, manufactured by the Arsenal Factory (Russian: Завод Арсенал) in Kiev (Ukraine), at that time part of the Soviet Union (USSR). The company acquired faim when – in 1960 – they released their first miniature snapshot camera for the consumer market: the Kiev Vega (Russian: Вега), merely a copy of the Minolta 16.

Kiev camera logo (left) and Arsenal logo (right). Click for further information about Arsenal.

Arsenal was founded in 1764, and was re-established in 1946 — following WWII — as a military facility. The company used the former Zeiss production facilities that had been relocated from Germany to Kiev (Ukraine). Among the first products were clones of Hasselblad, Zeiss Ikon, Nikon and Pentacon cameras, commonly sold under the Kiev brand name. Although Arsenal survived the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union, the camera business was closed down in 2009 [2].

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Kiev 30 16 mm minuature camera
Kiev 30M 16 mm minuature camera
Kiev 303 16 mm minuature camera
John Player Special covert camera (Kiev 30)
Soviet copy of the Minox 35 EL
Known Kiev cameras
Early cameras
  • 1957
    Salyut (copy of Hasselblad 1600)
35 mm cameras
16 mm miniature cameras
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