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Wooden case by Milos Dermota
Milos is a radio ham in Slovenia (S57D). He built his Enigma-E and did all the suggested modifications and improvements. It worked first time. The image below shows his Enigma that is mounted inside a very slick oak wooden box, built by his friend Marko (S56CW).

Marko clearly is a very skilled woodworker. He used the case-design from the Enigma-E manual as the basis for his work, and obviously made some improvements. He also built the UhrBox-E with a complementary wooden case.

Milos made some changes to the Steckerbrett. He mounted the power switch and the LED on the left and the 12V input on the right. The RS232 connection is now at the center of the Steckerbrett.

As a tribute to the Britains who captured the first M4 and its codebooks, Milos put a fictional sign of the U-110 on the flap of the Enigma-E. The inner frame of the wooden case is painted black, in order to resemble the original better. Inside the the top lid are 10 real spare electric bulbs.

In order to promote the Enigma-E, Milos wrote an article about it for the Slovenian amateur radio forum.

Milos created a short 4 minute YouTube video to promote his Enigma-E, which is available below. The video shows parts of this website, the package and finally the working machine.

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