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Welcome at the Crypto Museum website. At present we are a virtual museum in The Netherlands, that can only be visited on the internet 24 hours a day. We do have a permanent collection however, and regularly organize exhibitions and events in co-operation with other museums.

Artistic image of a commercial Enigma machine by Mark Kohn (2013)

The main goal of the Crypto Museum is to preserve history. This is done by collecting, restoring and describing historical cipher machines, such as the well-known Enigma machine, spy radio sets, intercept receivers and and other spy-related stuff. For a detailed explanation of why we do this, please read our Mission Statement. Some of the items described on this website are part of the collection of the Crypto Museum, but others have only crossed our path at one moment or another. Whenever possible, we have tried to describe the equipment to the best of our abilities.

We are always interested in acquiring new equipment for the museum. If you have any questions or if you have something to offer, please do not hestitate to contact us. And if you want to make a donation, financial or otherwise, please click here.
Information on this website
Crypto and cipher machines Spy sets, Agent radios and Special Forces transceivers
Burst Encoders and Short Burst message transmitters Intercept receivers, Direction Finders, etc. Covert equipment like cameras, bugs, recorders, radios, dead drops, concealment devices, lock pick tools, etc. Various radio sets and military integrated radio networks Secure military and TEMPEST PCs
Teleprinter and telex machines (under construction)
Index of intelligence agencies (under construction) Self-build electronic kits Items or information wanted for our collection Latest news from Crypto Museum Events related to Crypto Museum or to information on the Crypto Museum website Manufacturers of equipment featured on this website

Crypto Museum is a non-subsidised privately-owned virtual museum with a physical collection. The curators work very hard to bring an interesting and diverse collection together, to describe the various items in great detail, and to share this information with the rest of the world. If you are pleased with the information presented on this website, please consider making a donation.
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New items
Ceramic Shear Tube Contact Microphone SRR-145 down-converter 350 MHz bug with RP audio masking SRR-52 listening post receiver Directive listening post antenna for 350 MHz 290 MHz bug with TP audio masking Telefunken FuG-8 two-way police radio (4m band) Type-B probe microphone, based on the RCA BK-6B
Project 'Rocking Chair' (RC) - room bugging via telephone line
Five generations of passive covert listening devices, used by the CIA Wired Easy Chair - room bugging via telephone set
Resonent Cavity Microphone for 360 and 1100 MHz SWM-28 miniature electret condenser microphone used by the CIA VEB Sternradio Sonneberg (DDR) - Sternchen E-120 Mini Corder and U-120 Transcriber Rion spy radio set
IronKey secure USB mass storage device BND short-wave converter Wireline Adapter for KY-57 encryption device Telefunken ESK-52 (made the French intelligence services) NRP field strength indicator with built-in frequency counter Tester for Easy Chair (Mk II)
Philips ZO-47, used by Dutch stay-behind from 1947 onwards SRT-107 Easy Chair bug used by the CIA durinbg the 1970s
Path loss survey system and training set, used by the CIA Radio Trevisan RT-2000 law enforcement telephone tap recorder Spy radio set built for the Austrian Abwehr ADF-940 automatic direction finder for 27 MHz band Sadelco FS-3 field strength meter SE-20 secure handheld VHF/UHF radio with scrambler Ascom Cryptovox SE-160 secure handheld VHF/UHF radio CIA countermeasures receiver SRR-8,  30-1000 MHz (1963)

Just released or updated   wanted items
SRR-56 listening post receiver DAB and DAB-3 radio direction finder (US) Operation Easy Chair: bugging the Russian Embassy in The Hague in 1958 Nagra CCT covert transmitter at the size of a credit card
Nagra CCR covert recorder at the size of a credit card
Sub-miniature professional-grade body wearable tape recorder developed for the FBI
Nagra PS-1 playback unit for JBR tape cassettes SIGSALY secure telephony system
Tape reader/puncher for CX-52/B-621 combination Cyclometer (Cyklometr) a device for helping to break the enigma traffic, made by Rejewski Berger BE-20/2 three-piece radio set (Austria) Tesla ZO-31, radio base station with voice encoding Russian RION spy radio set FLYBALL modules with electronic circuits, developed by the NSA Spying incident with the USS Pueblo that lead to compromise of the KW-7 and other machines Mason A-2 portable bug finder (1964)

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Please help us identify this clandestine Warsaw Pact radio set

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Mission statement
People often ask us why we spend so much time with our cipher machines and with the Crypto Museum website. We have, of course, asked ourselves that question numerous times. If you want to know the answer, please read our Mission Statement. It's a long story, but we would be grateful if you took the time to read it. If you're in a hurry, please read at least the abstract.

 Read our mission statement
All images on this website are owned and copyrighted by Crypto Museum, unless stated otherwise. If you want to use any of them, please ask first. Under normal circumstances permission will be granted, provided that full credit is given to Crypto Museum and that they are used for non-commercial purposes. Commercial users may also contact us to arrange a suitable donation. If an image is not owned by us, you will need to ask the original owner for permission.
Although every effort is made to ensure that the information presented on this website is correct, such can not be guaranteed. Please note that Crypto Museum can not be held responsible for any damage arising from the use or misuse of the information presented on this site. Crypto Museum can not guarantee the suitability of the information for any purpose whatsoever. If you find any mistakes or omissions, please contact us and we will do our best to fix them.
Classified information
To the best of our knowledge, this site only contains information that is either available in the public domain or that is unclassified or that has been officially declassified. Whenever possible, the source of the information will be credited in the References section at the bottom of each page. In some cases the classification status of an object is not entirely clear because there is no list of classified objects available in the public domain. In these cases we will simply try to follow the rules of common sense. If you come across any information that you think is still classified, please contact us.
Please note that we are neither cryptologists nor mathematicians. We don't want to develop new cryptographic systems and we are not cryptanalists either. We are not involved or interested in breaking any classified codes. Also note that some of the objects shown on this website are still restricted items. We are not in the position to release classified information about such items.
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