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CV1052   EL32
The CV1052 is an indirectly heated pentode, introduced in 1940 for use in audio circuits. Apart from AC and DC applications, it was also used in car audio systems, either as a class 'A' amplifier or in push-pull configuration. It is equivalent to the EL32. It is also electrically (but not physically) equivalent to the EL2. It was one of the standard valves of the UK's General Post Office (GPO) [1].

 CV1052 datasheet

Pinout as seen from the bottom of the valve

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Frequency Changer No. 6AC/3 (telephone scrambler)
  • EL32
  • VT52
  • 1637
  1. GPO, CV1052 datasheet
    25 January 1949 — October 1961 (Issue 8).
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