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Siemens T-68D
The T-68D was a rather small teleprinter (telex machine) developed by Siemens & Halske around 1951. It was the first German post-war telex machine to hit the market and it soon became an extremely popular model for commercial telegraphy (PTT) as well as by the European Armies.

The unit measures only 32 x 400 x 39 cm and weights approx. 20 kg. Unlike many of its predecessors, which printed directly to a paper roll, the T-68D printed all text as a single line onto a gummed paper strip, making it ideal for the transmission and reception of telegrams.

The T-68D was also a popular terminal for cryptographic equipment (cipher machines) of the same era. It was used with a variety of cipher machines, such as the Philips Ecolex IV that was used for the early 1960s onwards by the Dutch Army and by several NATO counties.
T-68D Telex Machine (Teleprinter) with telephone dial in beige (civil) case.

The T-68D was available in several models: with a telephone dial, for connection to the teleprinter network (telex), suitable for connection to a radio, with 2-wire of 4-wire interface and with a single or a double strip printer. The civil version was generally beige, whilst a black one was available for military use. The latter was usually stored in a green box. The T-68D was succeeded by the T-100 which arguably became the most successful Siemens teleprinter ever.

T-68D Telex Machine (Teleprinter) with telephone dial in beige (civil) case. T-68D front view T-68D front view T-68D left view Opening the paper tape drawer Paper tape drawer Print head German keyboard layout
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T-68D Telex Machine (Teleprinter) with telephone dial in beige (civil) case.
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T-68D front view
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T-68D front view
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T-68D left view
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Opening the paper tape drawer
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Paper tape drawer
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Print head
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German keyboard layout

  • T-68
  • T-68d
  • 2-wire or 4-wire interface
  • Single or double strip printer
  • Telephone dial or half-duplex switch
  • Beige or black case
  1. De Verreschrijvers T-37/LP, T-68/LP
    Description and operating instructions for the Siemens T-37 and T-68 (Dutch).
    Belgian Army. March 1967.
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