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Siemens T-1000
Desktop full-page teletypewriter - this page is a stub

T-1000 was a largely-electronic full-page desktop teletypewriter (telex), developed around 1976 by Siemens in Munchen (Germany) as the successor to the popular mechanical T-100. The device was used on the public world-wide TELEX network, but also as part of several cipher machines.


Cipher machines based on T-1000
T-1000CA, the Siemens (civil) version of the Philips Aroflex (UA-8116)
Philips Aroflex (UA-8116) NATO
Hagelin (Crypto AG) HC-550 CRYPTOMATIC desktop electronic cipher machine
Hagelin (Crypto AG) HC-580 CRYPTOMATIC desktop electronic cipher machine
TST OEM card for Siemens T-1000
  1. Teleprinter Model T-1000CA, Operating Instructions (A4)
    CM-302883. Siemens, 1980.

  2. Teleprinter Model 1000 V, Operating Instructions (A5)
    CM-302881. Siemens, 1980.

  3. Teleprinter Model 1000 mil, Operating Instructions (A5)
    CM-303227. Siemens, 1981.
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