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Siemens T-1000
Desktop full-page teletypewriter - this page is a stub

T-1000 is an electronic full-page desktop teletypewriter, or telex, developed around 1976 by Siemens in München (Germany) as the successor to the electromechanical T-100. The device was used on the public world-wide TELEX network, but also as the base of several cipher machines.


Cipher machines based on T-1000
Philips Aroflex (UA-8116) NATO
T-1000CA, the Siemens (civil) version of the Philips Aroflex (UA-8116)
Hagelin (Crypto AG) HC-550 CRYPTOMATIC desktop electronic cipher machine
Hagelin (Crypto AG) HC-580 CRYPTOMATIC desktop electronic cipher machine
TST OEM card for Siemens T-1000
Below is the block diagram of the modular T-1000. At the center is the motherboard (GE) which acts as a central hub for the other modules.

 View the original wiring diagram

Matching Unit APE-25 allows the T-1000 to be connected directly to external transmission facilities without a local cable, via a 4-wire polar current, low-level, point-to-point circuit. The send line is fed from an internal source. The low-level interrface complies with MIL-STD-188C and contains three 2-wire loops: one for the receive loop, one for the transmit loop and one for the call loop. The APE-25 configuration consists of the following modules:

  • Control module STT10/A101
  • Manual communications controls BET4/A102
  • Line adapter LAT28/A100
  • Protector SST20/A100
The APR-26 configuration consists of the following modules:

  • STT21/A100
  • BET?
  • LAT30/A100
  • SST?
The table below shows the prices of the individual parts of the T-1000Z, when they were purchased as spare parts by NATO users. Prices are in DM in 1983 (1 DM = EUR 0.5) [1].

  Power supply unit 1,500 DM  
  Printer 3100 DM  
  Tape puncher 1,400 DM  
  Tape reader 600 DM  
  Motherboard 2,400 DM  
  Keyboard 400 DM  

In case of the Aroflex cipher machine, the following part was also needed:

  Crypto Module 10,600 DM  
The following abbreviations are used in the block diagram and in the various circuit diagrams of the T-1000Z. They are based on the German names of the (partial) circuits.

A   Allgemeines
APE   Anpassungseinheit
Matching Unit. Responsible for interfacing the T-1000 to a teleprinter line or to an external transmission facility.
BET   Bedienteil
Control unit or user controls. Also known as Communications Controls.
DR   Drucker
FE   Funkentstörung
RFI filter
GB   Gerätebedienteil
User interface
GE   Grundelektronik
Base electronics (main board).
GH   Gehäuse
GT   Grundteilsatz
Base part unit
KG   Kennungsgeber
Identification unit
LE   Leser
Tape reader
LO   Locher
Tape puncher
LS   Lautsprecher
SB   Schalter baugruppe
SST   Steuerteil
Driver unit.
STT   Störschutzteil
Filter unit or Protector. Responsible for RFI and EMC filtering on the data lines.
SV   Stromversorgung
Power supply unit (PSU)
TA   Tastatur
VA   Variantenbaugruppe
Variants building block
  1. T1000Z1/Z wiring diagram
    A22713-A1000-A803-*-11. 4 January 1982 - 7 July 1982.
     PCB component layout

  2. Teleprinter Model T-1000CA, Operating Instructions (A4)
    CM-302883. Siemens, 1980.

  3. Teleprinter Model 1000 V, Operating Instructions (A5)
    CM-302881. Siemens, 1980.

  4. Teleprinter Model 1000 mil, Operating Instructions (A5)
    CM-303227. Siemens, 1981.

  5. LAT28 (line adapter) and SST20 (protector)
    A22717-B232-A100-1-7618. 20 April 1983.

  6. LAT30 (line adapter) and STT21 (control module)
    Circuit diagrams. 19 September 1978 - 25 March 1980.

  7. STT10 (control module) and BET4 (communications controls)
    A22717-B109-A100-1-7618. 23 October 1978.

  8. APE25 (matching unit)
    A22717-U327-A100-1-7618. 7 September 1982 (English).
     Wiring diagram (page 19)

  9. SVL, SVG and SVZ (power supply) circuit diagram
    A22710-S311-X-*-11. 24 May 1976 - 13 October 1982.
     Annotated circuit diagram

  10. WPG-SV, Repairshop Tester for Power Supply
    Fault Locating Instructions (English).
    A22711-P301-A1-3-7620. May 1982.
 Additional documentation for Aroflex

  1. Dutch Navy, Aroflex spare parts pricing
    Internal Confidential Memo, 9 June 1983. CM#303874.
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