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Siemens T-100
Electromechanical teletypewriter - this page is a stub

T-100 was an electromechanical desktop teletypewriter (teleprinter, telex), introduced in 1958 by Siemens in Munchen (Germany) as the successor to the aging T-37. It was available in a variety of enclosures and is by far the most successful teletypewriter ever made by Siemens. It was used on the worldwide TELEX network, but also as a terminal for a number of cipher machines and for the first generation of computers. It was succeeded in 1976 by the largely electronic T-1000 [1].

Siemens T-100 teleprinter

Cipher machines used with the T-100
Siemens Schlüsselgerät D (one-time tape cipher machine)
Siemens M-190 one-time tape cipher machine (mixer)
TAROLEX key stream generator
Ecolex X (Ecolex 10) online/offline cipher machine
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