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Facit N-4000
Universal paper tape rader/puncher - this page is a stub

N-4000 is a paper tape puncher, with an optional tape reader, manufactured in the late 1980s by Facit in Sundyberg (Sweden), shortly before the company was liquidated. The device was intended for the last generation of teleprinters (telex) as well as for the legacy CNC and CAD/CAM market.

The N4000 was available in two versions: as a stand­alone tape puncher, and as a combined puncher/reader. In the latter case, an industry-standard optical paper tape reader was mounted at the front. Both reader and puncher can handle 5, 6, 7 or 8 level 1 tapes at a speed of 30, 62 or 75 characters per second. It can read tapes at a speed of 200 or 500 characters per second [A].

The device can be connected to the standard RS-232 port of a personal computer (PC). This port is also known as a CCITT V.24 interface or the COM-port. The device has an internal 9kB buffer.
Facit N-4000 paper tape reader/puncher

The image above shows a typical Facit N4000 unit, with the optional reader fitted at the front.

With dust cover Facit N-4000 paper tape reader/puncher Control panel and display Tape reader, mounted at the front Supply reel Front cover open Rear view
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With dust cover
2 / 7
Facit N-4000 paper tape reader/puncher
3 / 7
Control panel and display
4 / 7
Tape reader, mounted at the front
5 / 7
Supply reel
6 / 7
Front cover open
7 / 7
Rear view

  1. In telegraphy, each character is represented by a column of holes, punched in a tape. The holes are known as channels, tracks, levels or bits.

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