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American spy radio sets

During WWII, the US developed a range of spy radio sets, some of which were used in occupied Europe. In the years following WWII, the US deployed a wide range of spy radio sets, some of which were developed by, or in co-operation with, the CIA. They were used by Special Forces (SF) and for clandestine operations during the Cold War and in Vietnam. Some of these radio sets were also used by other (European) countries.

Great Seal of the United States of America

US spy radio sets on this website
RBZ receiver (WWII)
RS-1 (AN/GRC109) RS-6 AN/PRC-64 and Delco 5300 TAR-224A spy radio set QRC-222 suitcase spy radio set (1964) RS-59 modular spy radio station CDS-501 short-range agent communications
RS-804 satellite message burst transmitter
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Secret CIA research project to develop Passive Bugs, carried out by the NRP in The Netherlands SRR-4 surveillance receiver 50-200 MHz (1958) SRR-5 surveillance receiver 50-400 MHz (1961) XRR-8 surveillance receiver 30-1000 MHz (1963) Central Intelligence Agency (USA)
SRAC   short-range agent communications
We are looking for any information about the SRAC device listed below. They are believed to have been used for espionage by US operatives in a number of countries, but only limited information about them is currently available. If you have any information, please contact us.

  • CDS-501
  • CDR-701 (RX only)
  • RT-517
  • RT-719
Satellite-based spy radio sets
IOWL   Interim One-Way Link
  • CJD-403
  • CER-403
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