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Sony Corporation

Sony Corporation, (Japanese: Sonï Kabushiki Gaisha), commonly referred to as SONY, is a large multinational conglomerate corporation, based in Könan Minato, Tokyo (Japan). The company mainly focuses on consumer and professional electronics, gaming, entertainment and financial services. Sony is one of the leaders in the consumer and professional electronics industry [1].

Sony corporate logo and registered trademark. Copyright Sony Corporation.

Over the years, Sony has introduced an impressive list of Short-Wave Receivers, also known as World Receivers, to the consumer market. Although the features and frequency ranges vary wildly between models (and even countries), there are a few highlights. Radios like this were very popular during the 1980s with short-wave listeners and radio enthusiasts, but also with the international espionage tradecraft. They were used for receiving coded messages transmitted by the mysterious Numbers Stations. A few popular models are dealt with on these pages. For a more comprehensive overview, please refer to Martin Bösch' pages about Travel Radios [2].

Sony receivers on this website
Sony ICF-2001D receiver that was used by some Soviet spies in the West
Sony ICF-7600DS digital general coverage receiver
Sony ICF-PRO70 travel radio
Sony ICF-PRO80 travel radio
Sony ICF-PRO70 scanning receiver
Sony ICF-SW1, LW, SW, MW and UKW receiver
  1. The ICF-2001 is the short-lived predecessor of the ICF-2001D. Note however, that the two radios are completely different. The ICF-2001D is a complete and much-improved redesign.

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