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Special Forces   SF
Portable radio sets used by special operations forces (SOF)

Special Forces (SF) or Special Operations Forces (SOF), are military units, trained to conduct special operations, such as airborne operations, counter-insurgency, counter-terrorism, foreign internal defense, covert operations (covert ops), direct action, hostage rescue, intelligence operations and unconventional warfare. Most countries in the world have one or more (secret) SF units, operating under a variety of names, like Fernspäher (Germany), Spetsnaz (Russia) and Special Forces (USA). Special forces are often named Commandos (UK) after the British WWII specially trained troops [1].

Special Forces radio sets on this website
RBZ receiver (WWII)
AN/GRC109 (military version of the CIA's RS-1) RS-6 AN/PRC-64 and Delco 5300 Racal PRM-4150 R-350 / Orel (Eagle) R-350M / Orel (Eagle) R-353 / Proton
R-354 / Shmel (Bumblebee) R-394 KM / Strizh (Swift) Severok-K AEG Telefunken SE-6861 (LAPR) Special Forces radio station AN/PRC-319 (BA-1302) Telefunken spy set FS-5000
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