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Other spy sets
This section is about spy radio sets that do not belong to any of the other categories. This is the case, for example, if they were manafuctured in a country other than the usual ones, or if it isn't truely a spy radio set, such as the radios used by Special Forces (SF).

Other spy radio sets on this website
AEG Telefunken SE-6861 (LAPR)
Norwegian Receiver Type 31/1 (Sweetheart)
Swedish built clandestine WW-II receiver
Polish OP-3 (Type 30/1) WW-II clandestine receiver
Kyynel M-10X Finnish/Swedish spy radio set (WW-II)
Telefunken ESK-52 (made the French intelligence services)
Swedish R-190 special forces radio
Berger BE-20 three-piece radio set (Austria)
Japanese miniature 94-6 VHF transceiver (WWII)
PD-3 spy radio transmitter with PSU
PD-5 spy radio transmitter with PSU
Unidentified set
Clandestine radio set from a Warsaw Pact country - PLEASE HELP
Special Forces Radios
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