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FS-5000 DCU replica
Us the FS-5000 as a ham radio set

After the first FS-5000 sets were released in 2005 without the original DSU, several people made an attempt to create a functional replacement for the DSU so that transmitter and receiver could be controlled. This resulted in a PC program and small Microchip-base DSU-replacement.

The most successful effort so far was made by Ray Robinson in Australia [7]. He created a small PCB with Microchip™, a display and a keypad. The image on the right shows the so-called Digital Control Unit (DCU) as it was built by Jim Meyer [1]. So far, Jim has made 15 such DCUs.

Ray has written sofware (PIC BASIC) for the DCU that can be used to set the TX frequency and the RX frequency independently, and send message in morse code, using a key that is attached to the DCU. The socket for the morse key is at the rightmost corver in the image on the right.
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Jim apologizes for the rather low quality of the image. It will be replaced by bettery quality photographs as and when they become available. In June 2012, Ray has decided to pick-up the project again and create a more advanced DCU with a 2-line display and a full keyboard.

The image on the right shows the current state of play. According to the text on the display, this project will be called DCU version 3.0. More information will be presented here as and when it becomes available. In the meantime, check Ray Robinson's website for the latest information.

 Ray Robinson's website
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Jim Meier [1] has created a simple but extremely useful tool to enter the frequency of the receiver without using the rather limited buttons on the receiver's side panel: meet the BCD DSU.

The BCD DSU consists of a small plastic box that fits nicely on the 25-way DSU connector of the receiver, without obstructing the display. On the top surface of the box are 6 BCD switches that can be used directly to enter the RX frequency.

The tool can not be used to set the transmission frequency as it can't handle the 200kHz shift.
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Modification for AM en USB reception
Updated: 3 january 2014

Jim Meyer [1] has come up with a simple modification that allows the FS-5000 to be used for the reception of AM and USB signals.

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Modification for CW and USB transmission
Updated: 29 January 2015

The FS-5000 can be converted into a functional Ham Radio set. In an global effort, Chris Kunz, Andy Obermeier and Ray Robinson have come up with the necessary hardware and software changes to do just that, allowing the set to be used in CW (morse) and USB (voice) modes.

 See the current status of the project
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  1. Helmut 'Jim' Meyer, HS0ZHK, My way to Ham - Radio and beyond
    Website QRZ.COM. Personal correspondence. Retrieved June 2008.
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