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FS-5000 H-Bar
Versatile Junction Box

The H-Bar is a versatile extension to the FS-5000 radio station. It is a junction box in the form of a narrow plastic bar with various connectors at either side and allows various modules of the FS-5000 to be used together in different configurations, with special provisions to avoid mistakes.

In transit, the H-Bar was packed in the same water-tight container as the toolkit, the fast discharger and the mains power cord.

The image on the right shows a typical H-Bar as it was supplied with the FS-5000 field station. One side has two connectors: a large one and a small one. The large connector fits the battery charger as well as the receiver.

When fitted to the battery charger, the other side accepts the two batteries and allows them to be recharged automatically by the charger/inverter.

When fitted to the rear of the receiver the small connector to the left of the large one accepts a battery that is then used to power the receiver. The two connectors at the other side can not be used in this situation, hence the text labels: 'Not RX'. To prevent batteries from being connected in this setup, two spring-loaded pins are pushed-out of the H-Bar. This option allows the receiver to be used stand-alone (with its own telescopic antenna) in case of an emergency.

Accessories box with H-bar, Fast discharger, mains power cord and toolkit. H-bar H-bar Charging batteries H-bar connected to the receiver Receiver in stand-alone setup Receiver-only operation Do not use this side when using the H-bar with the receiver

Using the H-Bar
The photographs below show the two different uses of the H-Bar. Click either image for further information about the application. Please note that stand-alone use of the receiver was not possible with some sets that were distributed in Germany. They can be modified however.

Click here for more information about stand-alone charging of the batteries Click here for more information about stand-alone use of the receiver

A short version of the H-Bar was available as a shorter alternative. It allowed two batteries to be charged as shown above, but was not suitable for stand-alone use of the receiver.

The image on the right was supplied by Jim Meyer [1]. It shows the short version of the H-Bar. It is identified with the letter 'V'. Jim apologizes for the low quality of the image.

  1. Helmut 'Jim' Meyer, HS0ZHK, My way to Ham - Radio and beyond
    Website QRZ.COM. Personal correspondence. Retrieved June 2008.
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