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Davor   Propaganda
200W VHF FM broadcast transmitter

Davor 1 was a 200W valve-based transmitter for the FM-broadcast band (88-104 MHz). It was used during the Cold War for sending propaganda programmes from Bratislava (Slovakia) to Vienna (Austria), probably during the 1960s. It is currently unknown who built this transmitter, but it is likely that this was done at Správa 6 2 or by the Czechoslovakian company Tesla.

The image on the right shows the front panel of the transmitter. Unfortunately, the device shown here is currently not in operational condition, and getting back to work would be a major challenge as some wires have been cut, either as part of the demilitarisation process, or as a result of an earlier restoration attempt.

We currently have no further information about this transmitter. If you know more, please contact us.
'Davor' propaganda transmitter

  1. The name Davor is probably incorrect, but as this device does not have a project number or any other kind of identification, we have choosen it as a nickname. Davor is a Czech word for Propaganda.
  2. Správa 6 refers to Government Department 6: Communication Technology.

'Davor' propaganda transmitter The transmitter outside its case Bottom view VFO PSU and AF section Driver stage (QQE03/20) Bottom view of the driver section Output stage (YL1060)
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'Davor' propaganda transmitter
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The transmitter outside its case
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Bottom view
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PSU and AF section
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Driver stage (QQE03/20)
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Bottom view of the driver section
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Output stage (YL1060)

Valves   tubes
  • QQE03/20
    Driver (20W)
  • YL1060
    Power Amplifier (200W)
  • Other...
  1. Anonymous, 'Davor' VHF-FM broadcast transmitter - THANKS!
    Device kindly donated by anonymous former user. July 2015.
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