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Crypto Museum is a non-profit organisation. As such, we do not sell products or merchandise in order to make a profit. We do, however, sell a couple of smaller items, such as technical manuals, which can be ordered from this page. Items printed in blue can be clicked for more information.

Please note that we have also developed a series of electronic self-build kits, such as the Enigma-E. These kits are intended to make a small profit for the museum that sells them. These electronic kits can not be ordered directly from us, but only from a few selected outlets.

Restoration Materials
Order # Description EUR
201/02 Replica battery for Naval Enigma M4 30
202/01 Lamp film Enigma (Wehrmacht version) 50
Self-build kits   not available from Crypto Museum
Order # Description EUR
401/01 Enigma-E *
402/01 UhrBox-E *
*) Please note that the self-build kits can not be ordered directly from the Crypto Museum. They are sold exclusively by our museum outlets.
The above prices are all excluding package and posting. To order any of the above items, except for the self-build kits, please contact us and ask for the total cost and the PayPal address.

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