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Faxpediter ™ is a digital pocket organiser that is capable of sending and receiving facsimile (fax) messages, introduced in 1994 by Quorum International Ltd. in Phoenix (Arizona, USA). The device was aimed at business people on the move, and was available in 1994 for a price of US$ 349 [1].

The device can handle text-based messages consisting of up to 56 lines, with 24 characters each. It can be connected directly to a telephone line, using the RJ-11 socket on the left side, or indirectly by placing the acoustic modem at the bottom over the handset of a telephone set.

The unit measures 160 x 90 x 17 mm, and weights just 68 grams, batteries included. It is small enough to fit the pocket of a coat and is powered by three AA-size 1.5V battery cells. It has a built-in organiser (calendar), address book and fax machine, and requires only a
Quorum Faxpediter - opened

Operation is straightforward. A message is entered on the keyboard and can be viewed on the
screen in the hinged lid. After connecting it to an analogue telephone line, the message can be sent to any regular fax unit in the world within seconds. Apart from business people, it was also used by criminals who used it for covert communication. As facsimile messages use a form of data compression, it was though to be more difficult to intercept than verbal conversations.

Packaging Quorum Faxpediter - closed Quorum Faxpediter - opened Bottom side Acoustic modem in use Foldable microphone Battery compartment
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2 / 7
Quorum Faxpediter - closed
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Quorum Faxpediter - opened
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Bottom side
5 / 7
Acoustic modem in use
6 / 7
Foldable microphone
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Battery compartment

About Quorum
Quorum was founded in September 1991 in Phoenix (Arizona, USA), by Raymond Hung and Marty Matthews. The company became well-known as a distributor of high-tech personal-, home- and vehicle-security products [2]. It had a complex and clouded company structure, and was affiliated with Hong Kong-based Applied International Holdings, where many of its products were made.

In 1994, the company did business in 16 countries had an annual turnover of US$ 300 million. But in 1995 sales dropped sharply and following a lawsuit – filed by California distributor Chemworld Products Corporation – the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in September 1996 [2]. Eventually the company filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and was dissolved in 1998 [3].

  • Quorum International Ltd.
    1550 W. Deer Valley Road, Phoenix, AZ 85027, USA.
    Phone: 1-(0)714 858-9696
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    ABA Journal, September 1994. Page 81.

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    Phoenix Business Journal, 8 September 1996.

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    Online MLM Community, 13 May 2016.

  4. Anonymous donor, Quorum Faxpediter - THANKS !
    Received January 2020.
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