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Glossary of telephone terminology

DTMF   Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency
Telecommunications signalling system, used to pass numbers over analogue telephone lines, using voice-band (dual) tones. In the US also known under the Bell Systems trademark Touch-Tone. Typically used in (analogue) push-button dialling telephones.  Wikipedia
IDK   Impuls Druktoets Keuze
Dutch expression for impulse-based dialling systems.
ISDN   Integrated Services Digital Network
Digital telephone standard that was intended to replace the analogue POTS system, but that has since been superceeded by IP-telephony.  Wikipedia
MRCELP   Modified Residual Code Exited Linear Prediction
High-quality low-bitrate speech digitiser, used for encrypted voice connections over regluar analogue lines. Improved variant of MELP and MELPe, that produces better results at 9600 baud.
POTS   Plain Old Telephone System
Old analogue telephone system.  Wikipedia
PSTN   Public Switched Telephone Network
Generic expression for a network of voice-oriented commonication links. It is often used to identify a Plain Old Telephone System (POTS), but can also be used for ISDN and IP-based networks.  Wikipedia
TDK   Toon Druktoets Keuze
Dutch expression for DTMF-based dialling systems.
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