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Cisco 7962G
Universal desktop VoIP telephone set - this page is a stub

7962G is a desktop telephone set for Voice-over-IP (VoIP) networks, introduced on 27 July 2007 by Cisco Systems Inc. in San Jose (California, USA). The device was in production until 1 February 2016 and is now discontinued. A secure TEMPEST shielded version is available from CIS Secure.

A full instruction manual and the quick reference card are available for download below. No further information is currently available.   
Cisco 7962G Ulified IP Phone

TEMPEST version
For application in high-level environments where security is paramount, such as in embassies, the shielded version of the 7962 shown in the image on the right was available from CIS Secure.

It has optic fibre interfaces, and is shielded against unwanted emanations, to military standards (TEMPEST).

 More information

DTD-7962-T2 Tempest phone

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