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Herman Schoemaker
Dutch stay-behind operative

Herman Schoemaker (1943 - 3 March 2016) was a Dutch citizen and former entrepreneur with an electronics shop 1 in Soest (Netherlands). For more than 25 years, he was also an agent, and later instructor, for the clandestine Dutch stay-behind organisation (SBO) O&I (later: A en B). He joined the ultra secret organisation in the mid-1960s and worked for it until its dissolution in 1992 [7].

Although his work for the secret network was known to some extent by his wife, it happened completely outside the view of his children and friends. Under the cover of his entrepreneurship, he made regular trips to the UK and Germany where he was trained in the use of equipment.

After serving as an agent and radio operator for a number of years, he became a radio instructor himself and trained others in the use of the radio sets, and in coding and decoding of messages. The ultimate radio was the DZO-90 (FS-5000) of which at one time he had 55 units at his home.

When the Dutch stay-behind network was dismantled in 1992, all operatives were discharged. On 13 March 1992 they received a letter from (then) Dutch Prime Minister Lubbers [1] confirming that their services were no longer required and thanking them for their many years of dedicated service in secrecy. In the letter, it was pointed out that the original secrecy vow remained valid. This was (re)confirmed in a letter of 7 April 2005 [2], in which (then) Prime Minister Balkenende presented a report about the history of the organisation written by historian Dick Engelen [3].

After his retirement in 2004, Schoemaker wanted to do 'something useful' and started studying History at the University of Utrecht. In 2013, at the age of 69, he broke his secrecy vow when he wrote a thesis on the subject of the secret Dutch stay-behind organisation, under supervision of Professor Dr. Beatrice de Graaff at the University of Utrecht [4]. In the dissertation, he confirmed his involvement with the organisation and discussed the role of NATO and other organisations.

Shortly after finishing his thesis, in June 2013, Herman was diagnosed with cancer. Nevertheless he managed to do an interview with Bart Olmer [5] and appear on Dutch television in the talkshow De Wereld Draait door [6]. In December 2013, we had the priviledge of meeting him when he visited our exhibition Secret Communications in Duivendrecht, together with two of his former colleagues [7]. At the event, he went into great detail on some of the radio sets and even shared some anecdotes with us. Herman Schoemaker died on 3 March 2016 at the age of 72 [8].

  1. The shop was later renamed to Expert Schoemaker Soest.

Secret Communications
On 15 December 2013, Herman Schoemaker visited our exhibition Secret Communications on its final opening day. The exhibition coincided with the presentation of Schoemaker's dissertation on the Dutch SBO earlier that month. Below is a short video clip of some of the discussions that went on that day. Due to the effects of chemotherapy, Schoemaker is sitting in a wheelchair here.

 More video clips

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