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Oskar Stürzinger
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Oskar Stürzinger (1920-2011) was an engineer who invented several cipher machines and parts thereof. In the late 1940s he worked for Dr. Edgar Gretener (later: Gretag AG) in Zürich (Switzerland), where he was (partly) responsible for the development of the so-called ETK teleprinter and the TKG-35 cipher machine. In 1952, he made the move to Boris Hagelin when the latter moved his company from Sweden to Switzerland. He knew Hagelin from his involvement with the development of the TKG-35 cipher machine and was his first employee in Switzerland.

In 2008, Crypto Museum curators Marc Simons and Paul Reuvers had the honour to meet mr. Stürzinger, then 88 years old, in person in Basel (Switzerland) at the presentation of Domink Landwehr's book Mythos Enigma. For the event, Stürzinger had brought several items from the private collection of Crypto AG, and insisted on making a presentation on the history of cipher machines and that of Hagelin in particular.

In 2011, he passed away quietly in his house in Monte Carlo (Monaco) at the age of 91. Dominik Landwehr wrote an In Memoriam about him [1].

  1. Dominik Landwehr, In Memoriam Oskar Stürzinger (1920-2011)
    Retrieved August 2013.
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