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Frederick Winterbotham
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Frederick William Winterbotham (16 April 1897 - 28 January 1990) was a British Royal Air Force officer who supervised the distribution of Ultra intelligence during World War II, for which he formed the so-called Special Liaison Units (SLU). He reported directly to the head of MI6, Sir Hugh Sinclair, and his successor Sir Stewart Menzies. In 1974 he published his book The Ultra Secret, in which he revealed the fact that the Enigma cipher machine had been broken during the war [2].

Group Captain Frederick Winterbotham was born on 16 April 1897. He was educated at Oxford University and served in the Royal Flying Corps during World War I. Between 1930 and 1945 he was chief of the Air Department of the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS). Throughout World War II he was based at Bletchley Park. In 1943 he was awarded the CBE. He died of natural causes in his home in London on 28 January 1990 [3].   

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