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Zellweger AG, Uster
Zellweger AG, also known under other names, is a Swiss multinational company, with its head­quarters in Uster (Switzerland). The roots of the company date back to 1874. Over the years, the company has become known for their wide variety of precision products, such as radio systems, cipher (crypto) devices, traffic cameras, speed radar, and equipment for the textile industry. For a detailed history of the Zellweger company, please refer to Martin Bösch' excellent website [1].

Zellweger equipment on this website
Front-Chiffriergerät (front dipher device)
Swiss NEMA (replacement for Enigma K)
Telephone call analyzer (model B)
Known Zellweger equipment
Company names
  • 1874
    Lufttelegraphen - Werkstätte
  • 1879
    J. Kuhn in Uster
  • 1880
    Kuhn & Ehrenberg in Uster, Telegraphen - Werkstätte
  • 1880
    Fabrik fur Elektrische Apparate von A. Zellweger und W. Ehrenber in Uster
  • 1881
    Zellweger & Ehrenberg
  • 1918
    Zellweger & Cie.
  • 1918
    Zellweger AG
  • 1929
    Apparate- & Maschinenfabrik Uster, vormals Zellweger AG
  • 1946
    Zellweger AG, Apparate- und Maschinenfabriken Uster
  • 1973
    Zellweger Uster AG
  • 1993
    Zellweger Luwa AG
  • 2003
    Uster Technologies AG 1
  1. Uster Technologies was founded in 2003 after a management buy-out from Zellweger Luwa AG. Luwa AG still exists today (2017). Since 2012, Uster Technologies is a subsidary of Toyota Industries Corporation.

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