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The Telephone Manufacturing Company Lrd. (TMC) was a British manufacturer of telephone equipment, founded in 1912 by Frederick Jackson, a former employee of The Private Telehone Company (PTC, London) and Intercommunicating Telephones. The company was located in London and Orpington (Kent, UK), and was small compared to its contemporary competitors.

One of the TMC logos

During WWII, the company manufactured equipment for the General Post Office (GPO), including parts for Churchill's Scrambler Phone — a speech invertor or scrambler known as the Frequency Changer. After the war, TMC marketed the Frequency Changer under the name Secraphone.

GPO series 300 telephones
British WWII scrambler phone (also known as Frequency Changer or Secraphone)
Frequency Changer No. 6AC (1944)
Simplified 232-style telephone TMC-232X for use with Frequency Changer
Product codes
GPO manufacturer codes
Equipment manufactured for the GPO can be identified by the following GPO manufacturer codes:

  • TE
    Generic code for TMC
  • TEA
    TMC West Dulwich (London SE21, UK) - Formed 1914.
  • TES
    TMC St. Mary Cray (Kent, UK) - Opened 1939
  • TEW
    TMC Winford (Cheshire, UK)
  • TMA
    TMC Airdrie (Lanarkshire, UK) - Previously GNA (Pye)
  • TMK
    TMC King's Lynn (Norfolk, UK)
  • TMM
    TMC Malmesbury (Wiltshire, UK)
  • TPC
    TMC Transmission Division. St. Mary Cray (Kent, UK)
  • TTH
    TMC Canterbury (Kent, UK)
  • TTL
    TMC Livingston, Scotland (UK)
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Known addresses
  • Telephone Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
    West Dulwich
    London, SE-21
    England (UK)
    Phone: GIPsy Hil 2211

  • Telephone Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
    St. Mary Cray
    Orpington, Kent
    England (UK)
    Phone: ORPinton 2650

  • Pye TMC
    15 Sheffield Street
    Toronto, 385 Ontario
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