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Tesla was a large state-owned electrotechnical conglomerate in the former Czechoslovakia. The company was established in 1921 as Elektra, but was renamed Tesla on 7 March 1946 [1]. Tesla was initially named after inventor Nikola Tesla, but the name was later said to be the abbreviation of Technika Slaboproudá (low-current technics). During the Cold War, the company had a state-sponsored monopoly on the production of electronics, as a result of which it manufactured most of the industrial, military and domestic electronics appliances that were available in the country.

Company logo of the current Tesla Lighting factory

Apart from complete appliances, Tesla also had sophisticated facilities for the production of electronic components, such as radio valves (tubes), semiconductors (transistors, diodes, ICs, etc.) and passive components like resistors and capacitors. These components were used in Tesla's own products, but were also exported to other Warsaw Pact countries and to the USSR.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the subsequent fall of communism in the country, Tesla had great difficulty competing effectively with other companies, resulting in dramatic downsizing and privatization of its stores and production facilities. Although most of the old company no longer exists today, some of its subsidaries have survived. For example: former Tesla subsidary JJ Electronics is well-known for its production of radio valves (vacuum tubes).

Tesla products on this website
Tesla PR-35 (FAUN), slim-line body wearable radio for surveillance tasks
Tesla PS-31, semi-portable radio with voice encoding
Tesla ZO-31, radio base station with voice encoding
Czechoslovak MRP-4 (Barabara) radar locator
Russian R-354 spy radio set, modified by Tesla
E-120 Mini Corder and U-120 Transcriber
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    Retrieved July 2016.
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