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Telemit Electronic GmbH

Telemit Electronic GmbH, or Telemit Electronic GmbH Nachrichtentechnik, commonly abbreviated to Telemit, was a manufacturer of telecommunications equipment and accessories, mainly for the military market, established in 1973 in München (Germany) and liquidated in 1994. The company is well-known for its range of military handsets, which were mainly produced for the European military market, but also for the production (under licence) of the American AN/PRC-77 radio.

Not to be confused with the Indian company Relia Telemit Semesta.

Telemit equipment on this website
AN/PRC-77 portable VHF/FM radio
Hagelin CVX-396 (SVZ-B) voice encryptor
Telemit AN/PSQ-188 voice encryption unit
Known Telemit products
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