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Technolution BV is a hard- and software developer, headquartered in Gouda (Netherlands), founded in 1987 by four young technology enthusiasts, one of which is still the CEO (2022) [1]. The company is active in the field of mobility, energy, high-tech, manufacturing and defense electronics. According to their website, they are a development partner for the Dutch Ministry of Defense and the NBV, the Netherlands National Communications Security Agency 1 (NLNCSA) [1].

At present, none of the Technolution products are featured on this website.

  1. The NBV is part of the Dutch General Intelligence Agency AIVD.

Known products
  • PrimeLink 3015
  • PrimeLink 4010
  • PrimeDiode 3010
  • Technolution (headquarters)
    Gouda, Netherlands
  • Technolution Deventer
    Deventer, Netherlands
  • Technolution UK
    Mansfield, UK
  • Technolution Nordics Denmark
    Lyngby, Denmark
  • Technolution Nordics Sweden
    Gothernburg, Sweden
  • Phase to Phase BV
    Arnhem, Netherlands
  1. Technolution corporate website
    Visited 27 October 2022.
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