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Spyrus Inc.
SPYRUS Inc. is a privately held US corporation based in San Jose, California (USA). The company was founded in 1992 and has specialized in high-end cryptographic products, such as crypto cards and secure USB memory sticks. They also have offices in Canada and in Australia [1].

One of their first products was the Fortezza crypto card that was based on the Skipjack algorithm developed by the NSA. It was introduced in 1993, just after the company had opened up [2]. Several versions of this card were developed before the product was discontinued in 2007 [3].

Other products include the LYNKS range of hardware secure modules (HSM), that replaces largely the functionality of the Fortezza cards, and many PC-related hardware and software solutions.

Spyrus equipment on this website
Fortezza Crypto Card
  1. Spyrus website
    Visited September 2011.

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    Announcement of Fortezza II as part of its 10 years continued support.
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  3. Spyrus, End of Life for SPYRUS FORTEZZA Crypto Cards
    Spyrus announces end-of-life (EOL) support for Fortezza Suite of Services.
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