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Sonic Communications Ltd.

Sonic Communications International Ltd., commonly abbreviated SONIC, is a British manufacturer and supplier of specialist equipment, solutions and services, for the Police, Military, Industrial and Surveillance sectors. The company was established on 10 March 1976 and has its headquarters in Birmingham (UK). Sonic Communications is part of Soncell International in Belper (Derby, UK). 1

The company specialises in stationary and body-worn equipment, such as radio appliences, surveillance equipment and cameras. Some Sonic products are highlighted on this website, in particular in relation to covert radios and related surveillance items like invisible earpieces.

  1. Soncell International is the Homeland Security Division of Bowmer & Kirkland Ltd. — the largest privately-owned construction company in the UK.

SONIC items on this website
Sonic LD-5 wireless inductive earpiece
  • Headquarters
    Sonic Communications Ltd.
    Birmingham International Park
    Starley Way
    Birmingham B37 7HB
    England (UK)

    Phone: +44 121 781 4400
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    Visited June 2021.

  2. Soncell International website
    Visited June 2021.
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