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Dr. Neher Laboratory
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In the Netherlands, the Dr. Neher Laboratory (Dutch: Dr. Neherlaboratorium), was the research facility of the Dutch state-owned telecom monopolist PTT, based in Leidschendam. Established on 19 July 1946 as Centraal Laboratorium (Central Laboratory) [1], it was renamed Dr. Neher Laboratorium in 1955, after Dr. Lambertus Neher, who had been Director-General of the PTT from 1949 until his retirement in 1954 [2]. At the time it was seen as the state laboratory.

Following the privatisation of the state-owned PTT in 1989 – at which time PTT was renamed KPN – the Neherlab was renamed KPN Research in 1994. In 2000, following a series of reorganisations at KPN, KPN Research was merged with KPN Valley. On 1 January 2003, the research activities of KPN Valley were taken over by the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO.

The Dr. Neher Laboratory complex around 1955. Source unknown.

The photograph above shows the the Dr. Neher Laboratory shortly after the building was opened in 1955. At the centre is a large 50 metre tower that was used for antenna's and radio-frequency (RF) experiments. The complex was abandonned in 2000, but was later redeveloped for housing. The tower building was restored and some of the factory halls were converted into appartments.

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