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Heinrich Pfitzner GmbH, commonly abbreviated to H. Pfitzner or Pfitzner, was a manufacturer of professional radio communications equipment, such as receivers, transmitters and (mobile) transceivers, with its headquarters in Bergen Enkheim, near Frankfurt am Main (Germany). The products were commonly marketed under the Teletron or Pfitzner-Teletron brand name.

In the early 1990s, Pfitzner took over ASCOM Radiocom — itself a merger of the Swiss companies Autophon, Hasler Holding and Zellweger Telecommunications — and renamed itself to ASCOM GmbH, with its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). ASCOM GmbH was acquired in 1996 by Bosch GmbH, who solds its mobile radio department a year later (1997) to the American multinational company Motorola. Motorola consolidated the trunking radio marked and cancelled all others, thereby effectively killing the former businesses, including Pfitzner-Teletron GmbH.

Pfitzner-Teletron products on this website
Digital PLL synthesizer for the German Stay-Behind Organisation
Digital SW receiver developed for the German Stay-Behind Organisation
Professional short-wave receiver
Professional short-wave receiver
  1. Uwe Rosenhahn, Pfitzner Teletron
    Former members of Pfitzner's research and development department.
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