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Pentacon is a camera manufacturer in Dresden (Germany). The name Pentacon is derived from the brand name Contax (of Zeiss Ikon Kamerawerke in Dresden) and the word Pentagon, after the Penta­prism used in Single-Lens Reflex (SLR) camera's, that was first developed in Dresden. The company is best known for its affordable SLR cameras of the Praktica-series in the 1970s [1].

During the Cold War, Dresden was part of communist East-Germany (DDR) and Pentacon was a so-called Volkseigener Betrieb - a publicly owned company. Apart from consumer SLR camera's, and (semi)professional products, Pentacon also developed special camera's and other equipment for the repressive security service of the DDRMinisterium für Staatssicherheit (MfS), or Stasi.

Pentacon products on this website
Low-noise SLR camera for covert photography
2.8/35 P-Flektogon lens (M36)
2.8/50 Biotar lens (M36)
3.5/75 Tessar lens (M36)
3.5/135 Sonnar lens (M36)
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