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Omnisec is a manufacturer of high-end voice, fax and data encryption systems, based in Dällikon (Switzerland). The company was established in 1987 by Dr. Pierre Schmid, a former employee of Gretag (later: Gretacoder, GDS and SafeNet). The company was initially based in Regensdorf, the hometown of Gretag, and acquired most of Gretag's patents with Gretag's cipher business unit.

Being based in neutral Switzerland, Omnisec is not bound by export restrictions and supplies its products anywhere in the world. Omnisec is still in business today and supplies a range of voice, fax, data and IP encryption solutions to governments, military organisations and industries.

The image on the right shows the current Omnisec building in Dällikon. It is a 4 storey building with several antennas on the roof. The largest one is a Log-Periodic Antenna (LogPer).

 Omnisec encryption systems
 Omnisec on Google Maps

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Current address
  • Omnisec AG
    Rietstrasse 14
    8108 Dällikon
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