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Omnisec was a manufacturer of voice, fax and data encryption systems (crypto), based in Dällikon (Switzerland). The company was established in 1987 by Dr. Pierre Schmid, a former employee of Gretag (later: Gretacoder, GDS and SafeNet). The company was initially based in Regensdorf – the hometown of Gretag – and had acquired Gretag's crypto-business unit, along with many patents.

Being based in neutral Switzerland, Omnisec was not bound by export restrictions was able to sell its products anywhere in the world. The company was successful for next 25 years – with no less than 54 employees on its payroll – and became one of the most trusted crypto-companies in the world, selling its voice, fax and data encryptors to governments, armies and intelligence services.

By 2016 however, it gradually became clear that the world had lost interest in proprietary Swiss encryption technology for a number of reasons. First of all because the customers — mainly small countries who could not afford to develop their own encryption technology — faced declining budgets caused by developments on the oil and copper markets, and secondly because of the increasing pressure from powerful state actors, to provide backdoors in the ecryption products, justified by the War On Terrorism [1]. On 21 February 2018, Omnisec filed for liquidation.

The image on the right shows the building in Dällikon which Omnisec was housed until its demise in 2018.

The four storey building had several antennas on the roof, the largest of which was a Log-Periodic Antenna (LogPer).

 Omnisec encryption systems
 Omnisec on Google Maps

Last known address
  • Omnisec AG
    Rietstrasse 14
    8108 Dällikon
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  2. Daniel Stern, Das Kapital aus den Antillen
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