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Rainbow Technologies

Mykotronx is an American manufacturer of cryptographic products. The company was founded in 1979 as Myko Enterprises. In 1987 the name was changed to Mykotronx. Rainbow Technologies (founded in 1984) acquired the company in 1995 [1] but kept trading under the Mykotronx brand name, as it was well-established in the crypto world. It is currently part of Gemalto (France).

Rainbow was responsible for developing and supporting top secret encryption devices used by the NSA, NRO and other government agencies [2]. In 2004, Rainbow Technologies was acquired by SafeNet and went on as SafeNet Government Solutions, LLC, providing INFOSEC and COMSEC products for the US government [3]. Nevertheless, the KIV-7 COMSEC products were still sold under the Mykotronx brand, just like the Fortezza Crypto Cards.

At present, the company is still based in Torrance, California, but has plans to move to Irvine, California. SafeNet Government Solutions has been operationally merged with SafeNet and SafeNet Government Solutions is no longer considered a subsidary. The Mykotronx brand name is gradually being replaced by SafeNet. The Fortezza Crypto Card is now succeeded by the SafeNet Enhanced Crypto Card.

SafeNet-related products
Fortezza Crypto Card
KIV-7, embeddable KG-84 COMSEC module
Clipper Chip (used for key escrow)
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