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Mechanikai Laboratórium

Mechanikai Laboratórium Híradástechnikai Kísérleti Vállalat (Mechanical Laboratory of the Tele­communication Engineering Company) — commonly abbreviated to Mechanikai Laboratórium, or ML — was a state-owned company in Budapest (Hungary) during the days of the Cold War [1].

The company — which initially had 18 employees — was established in 1947 by the Hungarian Ministry of the Interior, to provide the country with high-tech (studio) equipment, which was not available from Western companies at the time, due to a sales embargo to Eastern Block countries. ML also produced 'special equipment' for the Hungarian Ministry of Defense and for the Ministry of the Interior, such as special (spy) radio sets and equipment for locating rogue transmissions.

After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the subsequent change of the Hungarian regime, the company was dissloved, as it could not compete with Western companies. Furthermore, the company could not cope with the emerging digital techniques in the audio and video branch.

ML equipment on this website
AK-20 spy radio set
Radio Direction Finder for 121.5 MHz distress beacons
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