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C. Lorenz AG – Standard Electric Lorenz (SEL)

C. Lorenz AG, commonly abbreviated to Lorenz, was a German manufacturer of electric and electronic equipment, established around 1870 by Carl Lorenz (1844-1889) in Berlin (Germany), initially as Telegraphenbauanstalt, Fabrik für elektrisches Licht, elektrische Eisenbahnen, Kunst und Industrie, Berlin 1 and later simply as C. Lorenz Aktiengesellschaft or C. Lorenz AG. In 1930, the company became part of the American ITT corporation, when the latter acquired the majority of shares. Lorenz is also known as Schaub-Lorenz, Standard Electric Lorenz and SEL.

In 1987, SEL merged with the Fench Compagnie Générale d'Electricité (CGE) and Alcatel, to form the new Alcatel SEL. Over time, some parts of the German branch of SEL were taken over by Thales, such as the departments Defense Electronics and Air Navigation in 1997 [3].

Throughout World War II, Lorenz remained under German control, although it was legally a fully American company. It supplied equipment to the suppresive German Nazi Government, such as recording devices for telephone surveillance and covert recording of interogations, and the cipher machine used by the German High Command: the SZ-40/42, also known as the Lorenz Machine.

 For a more detailed account of the history of Lorenz, please check out [1] and [2].

  1. English: Telegraph construction company, factory for electric light, electric railways, art and industry.

Lorenz equipment on this website
Schlüsselzusatz (cipher attachment) for teletypewriters used by the German High Command during WWII
Lorenz One-Time Tape cipher machine (mixer) Mi-544
Wire cassette recorder
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