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The General Post Office (GPO) was the state-owned postal system of the Kingdom of England and – after the Acts of Union of 1707 – of the United Kingdom, from 1660 to 1969. In 1969, the GPO was abolished and the assets transferred to The Post Office (Royal Mail) — changing it from state-owned company to a statutory corporation. In 1980, the telecommunications and postal activities were split. Following the British Telecommunications Act of 1981, the telecommunications side was converted into a seperate publicly owned corporation under the name British Telecom (BT).

GPO logo obtained via '' website [2]
1934 - 1950
GPO logo obtained via '' website [2]
1950 - 1965
GPO logo obtained via '' website [2]
1965 - 1969

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GPO Receiver (UK)
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British WWII scrambler phone (also known as Frequency Changer or Secraphone)
Frequency Changer No. 6AC (1944)
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