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General Dynamics
General Dynamics, or GD, is a US based manufactuer of electronic equipment. The company has its headquarters in West Falls Church, Fairfax Country, Virginia (USA) and has offices in a number of US states and in Canada. The company specializes in command and control, communication systems, rugged computing, information assurance, networking and cyber defense [1]. In 2011, General Dynamics became the 4th largest defense contractor in the world [2].

GD Logo. Copyright General Dynamics

Development and manufacturing of Defense Systems is done by General Dynamics C4 Systems (GDC4S) in Scottsdale, Arizona (US). The company works for the US Department of Defense (DoD), Several Federal and Civilian Agencies, the Intelligence Community and a number of international customers, such as Canada (BOWMAN) and The Netherlands (Navy). GDC4S is also the developer of the highly acclaimed software-defined Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS, pronounced 'Jitters').

On 1 October 1997, GD acquired Lucent Technologies, a company that was demerged from AT&T Technologies a year earlier. AT&T/Lucent was the (co)producer of a series of Secure Telephone Units (known as STU-III) and other secure products for the US Government and others.

In 2001, GD bought the Integrated Information Systems Groups (IISG) from Motorola for US$ 825 million [3] and became the owner of the so-called Advanced Infosec Machine (AIM), a universal cryptographic processor, developed by Motorola in the late 1990s. In 2011, General Dynamics released the successor of AIM: the 2nd generation AIM II processor that is used for JTRS [5].

GD equipment on this website
AT&T/Lucent STU-III secure telephone unit
AT&T/Lucent crypto phone
AT&T TSD-3600 Telephone Encryptor
Advanced INFOSEC Module
Advanced INFOSEC Module
Sectéra Wireline Terminal
vIPer Universal Secure Phone

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