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CyOne Security, or CyOne, is a Swiss national company that specialises in cipher security, cyber security and the security of things, based in Steinhausen (Switzerland). The company was founded as a management buyout of the former Crypto AG – founded in 1952 by inventor Boris Hagelin – on 29 January 2018 as Crypto Schweiz AG, but changed its name to CyOne on 4 October 2018.

CyOne Security company logo. Copyright CyOne [1].

The company has its roots in the former Crypto AG (Hagelin), which was split in an international part (Crypto International AG) and a national part (Crypto Schweiz AG) on 1 February 2018. It was stated in a press release of 24 January 2018, that Crypto Schweiz AG was taking over the national business of Crypto AG, whilst Crypto International AG – under the Crypto International Group of the Swedish entrepreneur Andres Linde – would further develop the international business [2].

In October 2018, Crypto Schweiz AG changed its name to CyOne Security, probably to emphasize its focus on cyber security rather than crypto. Note that both CyOne and Crypto International AG, are entirely new firms, and that the old Crypto AG (Hagelin) was liquidated on 31 October 2019.

The management buyout of CyOne (formerly: Crypto Schweiz AG) was led by Giuliano Otth (former CEO of Crypto AG), Robert Schlup and Thomas Meier (CEO of InfoGuard AG). The new company will be focussing on cyber defence solutions for the Swiss governmental market in close cooperation with the affiliated InfoGuard [2].

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