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Concern Avtomatika (Russian: КОНЦЕРН АВТОМАТИКА), abbreviated KA, is a Russian holding company, headquartered in the Marfino District of Moscow (Russia). It has over 20 subsidaries, that specialise in cyber security, cryptography, secure telecommunications, anti-drone warfare and public safety solutions [1]. Its main customers are the Russian (state) companies Rostelecom, Roscosmos, Rosseti, Rostec, the Russian Armed Forces and the Russian Election Commission [1]. Since 2014, by presidential decree, 1 Avtomatika is a member of the Rostec State Corporation [2].

In the past – under one of its former names – the company has developed various voice and data encryption devices, some of which are listed below. In particular in the 1960s, when the company was known as NIIA (Russian: НИИА), several historical cipher machines were developed. In 2021, the company celebrated its 100th anniversary [3].

  1. Decree No. 20 of the President of the Russian Federation of 14 January 2014, followed by Decree No. 365 of the Government of the Russian Federation of 21 April 2014 [1].

Avtomatika/NIIA equipment on this website
M-130 (Koralle) meteorologic cipher machine
T-217 (Elbrus) voice scrambler
T-219 (Yachta) voice scrambler
Known products
  1. Used as part of the R-142 radio setup.

The company is known by the following (former) names:

  • Avtomatika
  • Concern Avtomatika
  • KA

  • Special Research Laboratory No. 8
  • State Research Institute No. 2
  • PO Box 37
  • NIIA (Scientific Research Institute of Automation)
  • RGNPO Avtomatika (Russian State Scientific and Productionn Association)
  • State Unitary Enterprise Scientific Research of Automation
  • FSUE NIIA (Federal State Unitary Enterprise Scientific Research Institute of Automation)
  • НИИА
Known holding members
  • JSC PNIEI, Penza
  • JSC PO Electropribor, Penza
  • JSC KEMZ, Kaluga
  • JSC Kalugapribor, Kaluga
  • JSC BPO Progress, Ufa
  • JSC Signal, Sait Petersburg
  • JSC SIP RS, Samara
  • HSC MTU Altair, Moscow
  • FSUE NTTS Atlas, Moscow
  • PJSC INEUM, Moscow
  • JSC NII Masshtab, Saint Petersburg
  • JSC VNII Vega, Voronezh
  • LLC NT, Moscow
  • LLC RGT, Moscow
  • OJSC SZR, Smolensk
  • LLC Bulat, Moscow
  • LLC CRPT, Moscow
Main customers
  • Rosseti
  • Rostelecom
  • Roscosmos
  • Rostec
  • Rosoboronexport
  • Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation
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