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AuthenTec was a provider of mobile and network security based in Melbourne (Florida, USA). The company specialized in encryption technology, fingerprint sensors and identity management software. Their products are deployed by a range of mobile device, networking and computing companies, including Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, HP, Nokia, Samsung, Texas Instruments and others.

The company was incorporated in Delaware in 1998, and had its principal office in Melbourne (Florida, USA). On 26 February 2010, AuthenTec took over the Embedded Security Solutions Division from SafeNet [1], including the intellectual property (IP) of the SafeXcel range.

The SafeXcel-range was developed by the former Securealink (formerly: Pijnenburg) in The Netherlands before they were acquired by SafeNet in 2002. AuthenTec has offices in the US, The Netherlands, Finland, China, Japan, Taiwan and Korea. In July 2012 it was announced that Apple had bought AuthenTec for US$ 356 million [2]. The name AuthenTec has since disapeared.
A month later, on 21 November 2012, Apple sold the Embedded Security Solutions (ESS) division of Authentec to the French company Inside Secure for a price between 38 and 48 million US$ [3], as they were only interested in the fingerprint technology. As a result, Inside Secure acquired the rights to the SafeXcel cryptographic processor range developed by Securealink (i.e. Pijnenburg).

Former addresses
  • AuthenTec, Inc. 1
    100 Rialto Place, Suite 100
    Melbourne, Florida 32901
    Phone: +1 (0)321 308-1300

  • Inside Secure
    Boxtelseweg 26A
    5261 NE  Vught
    The Netherlands
    Phone: +31 (0)73 6581900
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  1. Website no longer available as AuthenTec no longer exists as a company.

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